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ElectronXout - Xbox

This is the new name for the Xbox2HDMI! It is the same product!
The product you receive may have the old logo and name while that is still in stock, but they are identical.

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Lots in Stock!
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Size: 58mm x 33mm x 12.6mm
Supply Voltage: 5V
Video Input:  Component
Audio Input: Digital Surround Sound
Video Output: HDMI™
Compatibility: NTSC and PAL (all resolutions are supported!)
Latency: LAG FREE!!

This tiny, power-packed module takes in the Component video and audio output from the Original Xbox and outputs an HDMI™ signal with embedded Dolby Digital Surround Sound (if that audio setting is enabled in your Xbox’s settings). Unlike other converters on the market, the ElectronXout is compatible with all versions of the Original Xbox!

This module utilizes a fully custom PCB with a higher quality, next generation IC compared to what is typically used on the widely available analog-to-digital modules that are readily available online. If you are not happy with those modules, then you will absolutely be happy with these.

These modules are not compatible with the Xbox 360. These are only intended for use with the Original Xbox.

This module efficiently supports all of the resolutions that are default to the Original Xbox. This module is able to support all of the following resolutions although they are not all achievable outputs from the original Xbox: 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p25/30/50/60, 1080i50/60, 1080p24/25/30/50/60.

Old Hardware

With this newest version of this module, V3, the Digital Surround Sound audio input has been fixed to work with every revision of the Xbox.  V1 and V2 versions will not be shipped out any longer. All orders will be fulfilled with V3 versions.

After the first release of these modules we received some reports that they were not producing sound output when used with Xbox units with Revision 1.0 hardware while connected to some specific TVs and sound bars. We released a V2 version of the module that looked to solve this issue with the addition of a small switch that allows the user to swap between analog and digital surround sound.    The new V3 unit completely solves the audio issue and allows for digital surround sound on all Xbox units.

This information is only being kept here for individuals who still own a V2 unit.  This switch does not exist on the V3 version.

There is a small, accessible selector switch inside of the product on the side that has the HDMI™ connector. This switch allows the user to switch between using the analog or surround sound audio output from the Xbox.


  • When the switch position is changed the module must be disconnected and reconnected to your Xbox for the change to take effect.
  • Be sure to select the correct audio output in the Xbox settings. Failing to do so will result in no sound output.

Surround Sound Audio

When the selector switch is to the left then only the surround sound audio is being used.

Analog Audio

When the selector switch is to the right then only the analog audio is being used.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
Zachary Nelson

Works perfectly with my m cable

Sweeeeet product I’ve bought 2

Awesome piece here. Really brings life back to my Xbox. Love it thank you. Also, you always told me what was going on with shipping. There was a hiccup. You fixed it and made my freaking weekend :)! Awesome would buy one for every original Xbox I buy. GREAT video output 1080p GREAT audio output as well. Thank you Sirs.

Matthew Hemmatijou
Worth it

It works perfectly out of the box with various different monitors I own. It took a while to get shipped but was worth the wait.

Worth it.

I finally got my hands on one of these since I paid during pre-order and knew that. I've been in xbox groups online and youtube video reviews and for the money you won't get any better and I'm so glad my screen is not blinking and can see now where others left the screen dark and how sharp my tv looks now and can finally play halo 2 and actually turn correctly to shoot enemies so I'll have to try out some more games on my fully loaded and modded xbox.

Perfect for HDMI

The ElectronXout is an absolute game-changer for original Xbox enthusiasts! This incredible accessory breathes new life into your classic console, bringing it into the modern era with stunning HD output. The ability to update your console's output to contemporary connectors ensures that your gaming experience is seamless and visually captivating. But it doesn't stop there, ElectronXout also provides surround sound output, immersing you in rich, dynamic audio that makes your games come alive. Its plug-and-play modality makes setup a breeze, allowing you to dive straight into your favorite nostalgic titles without any hassle. The ElectronXout isn't just an accessory; it's a must-have upgrade that elevates your original Xbox to new heights, making it the perfect addition to any gamer's collection.