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Size: 46.75mm x 30.6mm
Supply Voltage: 3.3V and 5V
Video Input:  Wii Digital Video
Audio Input:  Wii I2S
Video Output: HDMI
Typical Current: 140mA @ 3.3V, 20mA @ 5V
This design accepts the digital video output from the Nintendo Wii and uses ikorb’s GCVideo to output a high quality, configurable HDMI output to any HDMI compatible display! All AVE-HDMI units are sent with the latest stable release of GCVideo. Currently that version is 3.1.
The AVE-HDMI can easily be installed into any Wii (excluding the Wii Mini) using the on-board vias associated with the internal digital video and audio communications.

Unlike the original version of the AVE-HDMI, this product is a kit. This kit contains the AVE-HDMI, a 150mm long flex cable, and a mini-HDMI breakout board.  As of April 4th, 2023 all purchases of this kit will include an IR Sensor Board by default for Wii's that do not have a GameCube controller ports. This board can be installed in Wii's that do have GameCube controller ports, but it is not necessary.

This design can either be used directly as is or configured with the use of a universal remote or a GameCube controller. If you want to use a GameCube controller for configuration, then you can press L+R+X+Y and the configuration menu will open. GameCube controllers can only be used on Wii's that have GameCube controller inputs.

All software licensing that appears on ikorb’s repository for GCVideo applies to this product. Electron Shepherd LLC claims no ownership of the binary that is loaded onto this product.

All company, brand, and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Electron Shepherd LLC has no affiliation to, is not associated or sponsored by, and has no express rights to third-party trademarks. The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.


This installation is difficult if you are not confident in your soldering skills or if you do not have magnification available.  We highly recommend that you review the installation video below before purchasing this to determine whether or not you feel comfortable with all of the steps involved.   If you do not feel comfortable with this installation, then please consider using one of the Recommended Installers in the table below.

When installing the FFC into the kit please ensure that the blue stiffener of the FFC is on the bottom and not the top.

Because of the involved nature of this installation, Electron Shepherd will not be able to process returns or refunds for boards that have previously been installed on a Wii. We will only be able to accept returns and refunds if the kit has not previously been installed.  All of our kits are programmed, inspected, and verified to be functional prior to being shipped out to our customers.

Please be aware that these boards contain components that are sensitive to ESD strikes.  Be sure to handle these using proper ESD handling techniques.

FAQs and Debugging

If you have some questions about this product or you're looking to debug your installation, then you should start by reviewing our AVE-HDMI - FAQ and Debug page.


Recommended Installers

Electron Shepherd is in the process of validating each of these installers (and new installers to add to this list), 

 Name Email Twitter Website Location Verified?
Voultar - @Voultar https://voultar.com/ Kentucky, USA YES
iFixRetro info@ifixretro.com @ifixretro - New York, USA YES
@modzvilleusa https://modzvilleusa.com/ - YES
Retro Digital LLC retrodigitalstore@gmail.com @RetroDigitalLLC https://www.retrodigital.store/ Florida, USA YES
PastPerfectGames pastperfectgames@gmail.com @bahamutfan https://www.pastperfectgames.com/ North Carolina, USA YES
Prof_gLX atelier.retrotech@gmail.com @Prof_gLX - Quebec, Canada YES
PowrUp Gaming powrupgaming@gmail.com @PowrUpGaming https://www.powrupgaming.com/ North Carolina, USA YES
support@logisticsct.com @logisticsct https://www.logisticsct.com/ Connecticut, USA  YES
Merki info@merki.net - http://www.merki.net/ Germany In Process
Pink Skeleton Gaming - @Pink_Skelly https://pink-skeleton-gaming.com/ In Process
Nostalgic Indulgences nostalgic.indulgences@gmail.com @nosIndulgences - Singapore In Process

Installation Pictures

The AVE-HDMI has two sets of vias to allow for the kit to be installed in every version of the Wii excluding the Wii Mini. Right click each of the pictures below and open them in a new tab to view them at their highest resolution.

The IR board is designed to solder onto the 3.3V and GND pins of the Wii's audio/video connector as shown below. You can then connect the IR and BT pads to the IR and button pads on the AVE-HDMI flex.

RVL-CPU-01 through RVL-CPU-30



RVL-CPU-40 through RVK-CPU-02

Installation Video 

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