I am in process of rebranding the names of my products! I apologize for the confusion as these changes are rolled out.

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ElectronWarp - Wii

This is the new name for the Wii2HDMI! It is the same product!
The product you receive may have the old logo and name while that is still in stock, but they are identical.

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Lots in Stock!
Ships within 1-7 business days from date of purchase.

Size: 52.2mm x 29mm x 14.5mm
Supply Voltage: 5V
Video Input:  Component
Audio Input: Analog Audio
Video Output: HDMI
Compatibility: NTSC and PAL (all resolutions are supported!)
Latency: LAG FREE!!


This tiny, power-packed module takes in the native Component video and analog audio output from the Nintendo Wii and outputs a crisp HDMI video stream. This module utilizes a fully custom PCB with a higher quality, next generation IC compared to what is typically used on the widely available, low quality analog-to-digital modules that are readily available online. The low quality construction of those other modules often leads to video and audio with interference that inhibits enjoyable gameplay. If you are not happy with those modules, then you will absolutely be happy with these.

These modules are not compatible with the Mini Wii. These are only intended for use with the original Nintendo Wii.

This module efficiently supports the 240p and 480i/p resolutions that are default to the Wii. Additional input resolutions have been tested with the core conversion technology in these modules, so one can expect that any of the default resolutions from the Wii will effectively be converted with these modules.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Absolutely Fantastic

Received mine after an admittedly ridiculous shipping time, however it was worth the wait.

The image from the Wii is immaculate - no diagonal interference lines, the RGB level is correct (Limited - as per the spec of component cables), the image is very stable, consistent.
Setting my screen to Limited RGB thus makes the colors looks correct and gradients look smooth and there is no black crushing.
Coupled with USBLoaderGX's smoothing filter removal, the image looks sharp as well.

I used to have the cheap Wii2HDMI, the very long one, with nausea inducing moving diagonal interreference lines, wrong colors and image cut-off.
This one is night and day difference - recommend to absolutely everyone who cant/doesnt want the AVE-HDMI module.

Thank You!


It seems mine may be defective. It's hard to describe, but the connection between the adapter and the hdmi cable doesn't seem to be 100%, so the colors ever so slightly change from a green tint to a normal one.
My friend seems to have gotten a good one, but I seem to have gotten unlucky.

The shipping was extremely fast though and that was great.

Hello -

I'm sorry to hear this! I'd be happy to work with you to either debug this or get you a replacement/refund if you'd like to go that route.

Please either message me via the chat box, the contact us page, or via email and I can help get the process started.



Amazing product for a great price!

Both died after 6 months.

I purchased two of these for one of my day one white Wiis, and after 6 months of use, each one started displaying issues. Losing audio, signal cutting out, and some interference. I was an early adopter, probably bought some of the first units, so these issues have probably been ironed out. But be weary!

Other than these issues, the picture was great! A very nice solution for Wii HDMI when it works.

Hi Reverie -

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! I'm sorry to hear that you experienced issues with your units after 6 months of use. I have made improvements to these modules since then and would like to offer you replacements so I can debug what went wrong with the units you have. Thank you for your support and feedback.



Sleek and works great!