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April 20th, 2023 - OUT OF STOCK
Backordering open. Shipping date unknown as we work on new version.

Size: 58mm x 33mm x 12.6mm
Supply Voltage: 5V
Video Input:  Component
Audio Input: Digital Audio/Analog Audio

Video Output: HDMI
Latency: LAG FREE!!


After the first release of our Xbox2HDMI modules we received some reports that these modules were not producing sound output when used with Xbox units with Revision 1.0 hardware while connected to some specific TVs and sound bars. This latest revision of the Xbox2HDMI includes a small switch that allows the user to switch between utilizing the analog and surround sound audio outputs of the Xbox.

If you experience a situation where there is no audio being output from your device, then please read the section below that describes the switch on the device.

If you are not sure whether or not your Xbox is a Revision 1.0 hardware, then you can check this guide as a reference:

This tiny, power-packed module takes in the Component video and digital audio output from the Original Xbox and outputs an HDMI signal with embedded Dolby Digital Surround Sound (if that audio setting is enabled in your Xbox’s settings).  This module utilizes a fully custom PCB with a higher quality, next generation IC compared to what is typically used on the widely available Wii2HDMI and VGA2HDMI modules that are readily available online. If you are not happy with those modules, then you will absolutely be happy with these.

This module efficiently supports the 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions that are default to the original Xbox. This module is able to support all of the following resolutions although they are not all achievable outputs from the original Xbox: 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p25/30/50/60, 1080i50/60, 1080p24/25/30/50/60.

Audio Selector Switch

There is a small, accessible selector switch inside of the Xbox2HDMI on the side of the Xbox2HDMI that has the HDMI connector. This switch allows the user to switch between using the analog or surround sound audio output from the Xbox.


  • When the switch position is changed the Xbox2HDMI must be disconnect and reconnected to your Xbox for the change to take effect.
  • Be sure to select the correct audio output in the Xbox settings. Failing to do so will result in no sound output.

Some TVs and sound bars do not accept the surround sound audio output from these modules. We hope to have that fixed in future revisions.

Surround Sound Audio

When the selector switch is to the left then only the surround sound audio is being used.

Analog Audio

When the selector switch is to the right then only the analog audio is being used.

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